The BLOODLINES LINEAGE in European history

The silent challenge between the lineage of "the woman clothed with the Sun" and of the ancient Snake continues in the history of European integration until today throught the bloodlines lineage of the European genealogies.

written by Roberto Amati

The history of European integration has been ruled by many European genealogies whose bloodline is directly connected to the lineage of the woman "clothed with the Sun" and of the ancient Snake of Eden. They contributed to the realization of the united Europe dream and some are still existing and involved in the process of European integration named European Union. That is the last step of the millenary dream for a new era for European people and for transformation of humanity, thanks to the Jesus "said the Christ" message of love and faith to get soul salvation, started circa two thousand years ago and continued through evangelization of the civitas and diocesi within the Roman Empire and following European christian reigns (read the first article). But this process is part of a wider design (of God) narrowed into the Holy Bible: the profecy at the beginning (Genesis book) and at the ending (Apocalypse book) about the ethernal challenge of the ancient Snake/Red Dragon to the woman "clothed with the Sun and stars" whose lineage gave birth to royal bloodlines connected to quite the whole European genealogies.

bloodline lineage of the woman and united Europe

Let's start from the bloodline of the ancient Snake, connected to the Oroborus tradition of the Eastern religions and to Elohim figures narrowed in the Holy Bible. They were considered "fallen angels" and could include: Moloch/Baal, the god inspiring blood rites and crimes especially on infants; Nephilims, alias their sons born from human women and bloodlines, known as the giants of the Holy Bible or considered the Atlanteans human race (Aztlan second humanity) by myth; Belfagor/Nergal, a god joined to Pandora (the first Dragon Queen of humanity created by Enki god and his wife the Dragon Queen of the Hearth in the Annunaki narratives) whose daughter Lilith joined the main son of the Snake, Cain, starting the bloodline of the Yarad House (read the previous article). They were the kings of the Eastern Empires of the past (giving Dragon Queens as wives to the Sumerian/Kish and Babilonians king dinasties) and king dinasties of Assyria and of Scythia/Anatolia: from them came Nimrod, the king of Akkad and Ninive joined to queen Semiramis to start the "fisher kings" bloodlines, and the Dragon Queens of the II egyptian dynasty of paraophs. Such a bloodline continued until the XII dynasty, when the Dragon Queen Sarai to give birth to the first messeh Paraoph (member of the XIII dinasty), whose follower has been Tuthmoses III who entitled himself as "RA Horus Paraoph Dragon King and the Graal King" (XIV century BC). His distant descendant Scota joined Niul, king of Edom (see after), to give origin to the bloodlines of Partolonians, Tuatha de Danaan and Fir Bolg kings and the ancient gaelic druids of Eire tradition. A Dragon Queen descending from those lineages joined to Cymbeline of Brutus Britain kings dinasty, considered the first PenDragon of the british tradition, the "king of the kings" elected by the council of royal families and druids. His son Arvirargo started the bloodlines of the Gewissi family and Britain kings ended with: Saint Helene, wife of the roman caesar et augustus Costanzo Cloro and mother of the first christian roman emperor Constantine I; the wife of Cunedda of the Gwynedd dinasty, kings of Cambria and Scotland and Britain (bretwald) after Romans retire; the wife of Marcomire IV of the Franks royal dinasty. The other son Cassiavellauno started the bloodline of the Gwynedd dinasty (whose supposed member was the "Graal chevalier" Ivanoe, probable forefather of Lorena-Metz family), house of the mother of Uther Pendragon (from the Picts Scotland Kings), father of legendary King Arthur, whose last Prince of Wales lived in XIII century AD and the title was inherited by their female line descendant of Tudor dinasty.

However, Looking at the Eva and the Saint Mary Madonna bloodlines, Lilith joined to Seth (the second son of Eva and Adam) and their descendance passed through Abraham (chosen by God as his new ally), father of Ismael and Isaac (by joining to Sarai) who had the tweens Esau and Jacob (renamed "Israel" by God ), father of the twelve tribes narrowed in the Holy Bible. From them came: the Edom kings dinasty; the Moses and Aaron lineages; the Judea and Israel kings of Juda's tribe, including David the messiah and Salomon builder of the Jerusalem Temple (whose architect was Hiram of the Cain descendance, as written in the the previous article), the Sanhedrin priests families after the Ezdra reform of Judaism (they probable are members of the Benjamin, Levi and Juda tribes); other Israelites and Hebrews people that became the members of the first European Christians communities in civitas; other descendances of Seth spreaded around Middle East, Anatolia, Scythia and Europe after the Diasporas, as the Iafet bloodline that are the European people in nowadays European countries coming from Scythia, Anatolia and Caucaso areas; the "supposed sons of the Madonna", alias the Kyriakon families of Stuart, the Brittany kings, the marquises of Septimania from the III century AD and the Razes counts during the Carolingian epoch, and Jesus founder of the New Alliance with the Holy Spirit of God. From the Abel lineage, finally, came the pastoral ancient people living in the desert or the steppe of the middle-west Asia (the Stan and Scythia areas) and Ivanoe the "Graal chevalier" of the Breton cycle operas.

The Stuart family came from Brittany, when Alan Fitz Flaad followed king William I to conquer England in XI dC, receiving the title of High Stewart of Scotland. Their original coat of arms had a white swan but changed as their family name when becaming the royal scottish dinasty in 1371 AD with Robert II (descending from the last Bruce woman): the Stuart gave wives to the most powerful and famous british noble families and European genealogies dinasties (Hapsburg, Lorena-Metz, Bourbon, Savoia, Orange-Nassau, etc.), joined the kingdoms of England and Scotland with Jacob I, the only son of Maria Stuarda adversary executed by Queen Elizabeth I, the last of Tudor dinasty. The Stuart royal dinasty ended with Queen Anna, who passed the sceptre to the Brunswick-Hanover family (a cadet bloodline of the ancient Guelfi family) and from them to the Windsor dinasty: their blood flowed in the veins of the Hohenzollern emperors of the II Reich and of Nicholas II the last Zar of Russia, while their last direct descendants are the princesses Diana Spencer and Sarah Ferguson (wives of the actual royal UK royal family of Oldenburg, Charles III and his brother Andrew). During the Stuart reign, Britain fell in the civil war ("the glorious revolution") and king Charles I was executed in a public square! His son Charles II made the compromise act with the rivals to design the actual political organization of the United Kingdom with the Parliament, the "tory&wigh parties", the King's Court, the Commonwealth reform and the protestant dominance against catholics...

In the history of European integration are considered other mythical narrowings about bloodline lineages: the divine lineage from Venus/Aphrodite god into the Gens Julia roman family and their descendances; the bloodline of Jesus and Saint Magdalene of the Fisher Kings and the Merovingi Franks kings dinasty; the King Pell├ęs descendance of the Acq's House, such as the "Graal chevalier" Perceval ("the guardian of the Graal") forefather of the Flandres House and his son Lohengrin, forefather of the Oldenburg House and supposed father of Godefroy Duke of Bouillon, and Geneva wife of King Arthur; the royal blood legend of the Graal started by Joseph of Arimatea in Avalon; most of the European people divine progenitors as documented in my book.

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Line Conflict of lineage

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