The LINEAGE OF THE WOMAN in United Europe

One of the most famous enduring concept in Christianity is the challenge between the lineage of "the woman" and the bloodline of "the Snake" that seems to have had a strong imprint in the history of European integration until today.

written by Roberto Amati

The history of European integration has been marked by an ancient concept expressed in Genesis, the first book of the Bible: the hostility between the ancient Snake of Eden and the woman (the partner of the first man Adam, who called her Eva meanings "mother of the livings") and their respective progenies, so that the descendants of the woman will crush the head of the Snake while it will injure her heel. What's the connection between Europe and that prophecy? Because that ancient challenge comes back in Apocalypse, the last book of the Bible: here is despripted the scene of the ancient Snake (now a huge Red Dragon) trying to kill the son of a woman "clothed with the Sun, with the Moon under her feet and surrounded by twelve stars", a boy born to reign over all nations with an iron rod and immediately raped to the Sky on his throne. After a great fight of the Dragon and the fallen angels against Michael and the angels of the Sky, it was pushed on Earth and a voice from the Sky announced that the rescue of humanity and the enforcement of the reign of God was done, because the witnesses and martyrs of the Agnus/lamb won the Dragon: then, it tried to kill the woman and started its war against the rest of her progeny and those that observed the commandments of God and witnessed for Jesus Christ.

lineage of the woman and united Europe

It is evident that Jesus Christ is the boy-king ruling over all nations and his mother, the "Virgin" Saint Mary, is the woman clothed with the Sun in danger for the Dragon persecution, alias the ancient Snake that seduced Eva and caused the chase out of her and Adam from Even. In this passage of Apocalypse it's written that the reign of God is done, thanks to the witnesses and martyrs for Jesus who told in the Gospel that he came from the reign of God in the Sky: the conclusion is that his reign over all nations correspond to the community of his witnesses and martyrs and whose that observed the commandments of God (the Christian people), added to the rest of the progeny of the woman/mother of Christ. As narrowed in the previous article, it is an historic fact that the christian community has been Europe since the mission of Jesus on Earth and of his Apostles and Disciples (called Ecclesia Christianorum), that historically became the actual union of European people and nations/countries called European Union (or United Europe if you prefer): the last evidence of this affirmation is the EU flag, containing a circle of twelve golden stars in a blue background...

What is not said or unclair in this narrative are the progenies of the Snake and of the woman. We can begin the research from the Bible, the descendants of Eva three sons: the first was Cain that killed his brother Abel and was chasen to East by God while the last one was Set, whose lineage ended in Noah before the Great Flood that destroyed the Earth and humanity. Nothing is written in the Holy Scriptures about the progeny of the ancient Snake...but, numerous ancient religious traditions compare it with: "the absolute unique God" or the "Oroborus" of the Eastern religions; the egyptian god Apopi, enemy of RA God of Sun and of goddess Maat; Vrtra, the god of caos and darkness in Vedic tradition. Even more, in the Jewish tradition the Snake was the father of the Elohim ("the fallen angels" pushed on Earth with the Dragon in Apocalypse...) and of Asmodeus, the father of Atlanteans people and of Hiram (the architect of the Salomon Temple) and of Cain (together with Eva, seduced by the Snake), who joined Lilith to start the descendance of Yarad and the kings of the Eastern Empires of the past.

The Bible narrows that after the Great Flood there were many men on Earth (not only the family of Noah...), probably descending from Cain and Abel: the first group seems to be related to the eastern people, while the progeny of Abel (born before he was killed) were the men living of pastoralism and breeding probably corresponding to the ancient people living in the desert or the steppe of the middle-west Asia. By following the descendance of Seth, Noah had three sons: Sem father of the semitic people (Middle East area), Cam father of the camitic people (Arabia and North Africa area) and Iafet father of the people spreaded in Anatolia and Caucaso area (Near East area). From those came the European people of nowadays European countries. In the semitic bloodline there was the figure of Abraham and his twice descendance: the line from Ismael, father of all the Arabs, and the line of Isac who had two twins, EsaĆ¹ and his lineage of the kings of Edom and Jacob/Israel and his twelve sons, the fathers of the Israelitic tribes narrowed in the Bible.

In the Judah tribe descendance is enlisted Jesus Christ, along the father Joseph and mother Mary lineages: here the circle is closed! Indeed the Apocalipse narrows about the progeny of the woman clothed of Sun, who is Saint Mary mother of Jesus and of his "brothers", that in the Gospels seem to be recognized in Jacob "the minor" (first bishop of the Jerusalem Christian community) and the other Apostles Thomas, Judah Tadeo, Simon "the zelot" and Josiph. As I wrote in the previous article, Jacob is supposed to be the ancient father of the Kyriakon people and in particular of the Stuart dinasty. A reconstruction included in my book as well as the legends on the "Graal" and the "fisher kings" who have been so important for the whole history of European integration.

To conclude, the ancient God prediction seems to refer to the enduring fight of the Cain progenies (Atlanteans and the Salomon Temple adepts and their descendances) against the progeny of Eva and Adam and, in particular, the descendance of Saint Josiph and Saint Mary parents of Jesus Christ, joined to his believers (the Christian people) and his witnesses (the saints and martyrs of all time, patrons of the christian communities of Europe). It is not easy to recognize both the groups but I think you will have a better idea by reading my book... I will continue this explanation in next articles but it is necessary put in evidence here two details: firstly, Saint Mary escaped to the desert of Egypt just after had given birth to the boy-king Jesus Christ, as written in Apocalypse, where is also told that at the apparition of the Arch of Alliance in the Sky, the woman clothed of the Sun with the Moon under her feet come out and she is inequivocably the Virgin Queen of the Sky brough to Paradise after Christ demise; second point, a legend narrows that when Roman prince Augustus went to the Cumae Sibyl had a profecy about a woman with a boy coming from East so he ordered to build the Ara Coeli church on the Rome hill dedicated to Gods, which is still visible today.

Scheme of the Bible lineage of the woman

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