The SECRET KNOWLEDGE in European history

The silent underneath clash between the secret knowledges related to the ancient Snake and the European traditional culture of mythology has been running all along the history of European integration until today within the United Europe.

written by Roberto Amati

The secret knowledge transmitted to the ancient European peoples in regard to the figure of God has been running through the whole history of European integration, between the vision of a spiritual Father of the Sky, source of every "living being" in the Universe, and the god "creator" of Earth, heaven, flora and fauna, humanity and their ruling laws: the first conception comes directly from the old Vedic tradition, transmitted from Aryan civilization to those European peoples that moved from central Asia to install in Europe around the second millennium before Christ era; the other icon is the Demiurge emanated by the God father and able to model our world, inherited from the eastern people living in Asia and Middle East who believed and in part descended from the ancient Snake essence. Related to this fundamental juxtaposition are the themes of their lineages, of the mother queen image and of their related knowledge. It could seem crazy but this religious (in the literal sense of "mystery") division is still alive in the actual European Union.

secret knowledge

The lineage descending from the Father of the Sky is joined to the Holy Spirit coming from Him, that the Vedic tradition is called Atma, translated by the ancient Greeks with the term anima and standing for a "living being" normally given to the human race. Whenever God enters the human history His Holy Spirit embodies in so-called avatar such as Krsna, Horus and Jesus Christ, in an immaculate conception with a virgin woman. This is known in the secret knowledge as the Messeh or the God's sons usually founders of new cults or religious traditions, totally absorbed by the history of European integration. On the other hand, as you can read in the previous article, the lineage of the Demiurge were born from his sexual union with human women and ruled the ancient Empires of human history, leaving a bloodline still alive and present within European peoples. Otherwise, the kings connected to the Snake tradition are recognizable by the rite of anointment needed to mark the king chosen by gods, alias the Messiah. Even this hebraic tradition was absorbed by the history of European integration with the crowning of the christian kings in the Middle Age epoch (you can learn about this argument by reading my book).

Another great difference in the secret knowledge of mithology is the image of the mother of God's sons: all along the human history we can find many "virgin" mothers, became object of worship from the believers and trasmitted to European peoples through the "mystery schools" of Isis, of Danaids, of Bacchanalia and Eleusis, respectively related to the mothers of the divine heroes Horus, Perses and Dionysus and Persephone goddess of the underworld and of agriculture in the greek-latin tradition. But the most famous virgin mother for actual United Europe is Saint Mary, mother of Jesus Christ, whose symbol is inserted in the European Union flag (read the article about the lineage of the woman). With respect to the goddess mother of the ancient Snake, however, we can find several images in the eastern religious tradition all referring to the typical figure of Venus, that locally took name of Ishtar or Astarte or Cybele or Aphrodite/Urania: they were venerated with ritual sacrifices, sacred prostitution, magical rites, sorceries that inheritated the ancient Dravidian and Turanic blood and spiritists rites dedicated to demons and vampires, practiced in the occult rites of the secret societies coming from the Babylon age and still existing in Europe and the Western sphere of Earth.

The secret knowledge hidden in both branches of tradition is pertaining the sense of believing: within the Father God "the Sun" cult, the reason is the faith in Him and His sons delivered to help humanity in reaching liberation and happiness, just by practicing the spiritual life and the teaching of avatars or respecting the divine laws emanated by His kings, such as the Moses or Jesus Christ commandments. In opposition, there are the vaste secret knowledges originated from the ancient Sophia and spreaded by the eastern religions of the "One/Unique" God such as Zoroastrianism, Mithraism, Hebraism, Islamism and (even though you could think) Cristianity, too: these knowledges are founded on the olistic idea of "the Whole", created and controlled by the Demiurge, which started the ideologies of absolutism, universalism, totalitarism, dominion and hierarchy that signed deeply the history of European integration until nowadays!

To conclude this synthetic narrow it is necessary investigate the difference between the ancient Gnosis and Christianity. What is called Gnosis is the complex of secret knowledges, in great part exoteric and distributed for grades within pyramidal organizations where the new members must overcome a strong test and the masters are able to enter directly in touch with supernatural entities that "reveal" them the requested information during a religious rite. These organizations are known as orders, congregations or secret societies and nowadays are mixed to the lobby system of power. The original school was the Chaldean Magi, who transferred their knowledge to Babylonian priests and from them to the Kabbala rabbis that influenced Europe culture for long time, having their best heirs in the "Illuminati" of Weishaupt at the end of the 18th century. But the Gnostic knowledge influenced the Christianity teaching, since the diffusion of Neoplatonism within the Roman Empire during the III century AD, that diverted towards the Catholic church, guelfism and christian theocracy of Rome and its knights and monks orders founded during the Middle Age in Europe, such as the Templar Order or the Malta Knights Order, to end with the Jesuit or the Martinist orders. Whereas the original Cristianity (read the first article) was encoded into the Nag Hammadi library books and the monastic experiences of the Irish monks or the Jerusalem christian orders of Saint Lazarus and the Holy Sepulchre, whose tradition passed through the "ellenic" school in Alexandria of Egypt (in part lost with the fire of "the Great Library" happenend in 7th century AD).

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