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Benevento civitas

Benevento is one of the most ancient cities of the history of European integration, signed in great part by Christianity. The Civitas Benevento was founded by Samnites people named Maleventum, either supposed around XIII century BC under the greek hero Diomedes after the Trojan War. Deep influenced by ancient Greeks before to be conquered by Romans in 3rd century BC and transformed in a strategic militar point, it became a Latins Colonia reinforced many times and cause of the successful battles renamed with the title Julia Augusta Concordia Felix Beneventum. Grown up as one of the most opulent and flourishing cities of ancient Italy, it was a central trading centre on the way to East put at the crossing of the Traiana way, going to Bari and reaching the port of Brindisi, and towards the same civitas arrival point of the Ancient Appia way coming from Rome.

Within the reform of Augustus (see Roman Empire), Benevento was included into the Regio II Apulia et Calabria of the Italiae province, where could live together Romans, Samnites and Greeks people into the Christian community that with the reform of Constantine I (see Christian Empire) became a bishopric city within the imperial Italiae Diocesis. When the Western Roman Empire imploded in 476 AD, Benevento was devastated by Ostrogoths and after the Gothic War was conquered by Lomabrds becoming part of their Lombards reign.

In 571 AD the city became the capital of the Benevento Ducky, then elevated to principy within the carolingian Italy Regnum and joined in X century AD to the Capua Principy, ruled by Lombards families. Always opposed by the Byzantine Empire and the Reich emperors, Benevento was conquered by the Normans family of Hauteville called by the Roman Church and joined in 1156 AD to the Sicily Kingdom keep following its destiny. The ancient Christian community of Benevento completed of Jewish people since the V century AD was elevated to seat of archibishopric since 1053 AD and remained close to papacy's temporal powers until the papal possession were abolished by Napoleon I, while Jewish had been definitely exepelled in 1630 AD.

The Santa Sofia church is included in a group of seven historic building named "Longobards in Italy, Places of Power (568–774 AD)" enlisted in the UNESCO Wordl Heritage. Nowadays, Benevento is a medium size town in the Campania region in south of Italy, whose patron is St. Bartholomew, one of the twelve Apostle of Jesus Christ.

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