The following MAP and IMAGE are related to elements of the real history of european integration selected by Roberto Amati

Each Map or Image is managed directly by the author of the book and this website and the related Blog contents on the entire history of european integration

Alexander empire

Asturias regna

Augsburg Peace

barbarian invasions

Bulgarian empire

Burgundorum regna

Byzantine empire

Carolingian empire

Carolingian great feuds

Carolingian regnas


Christus Rex

Christian empire

ducky of Milan

Elizabeth I

Europe XXI AD

Europe 1919 AD

France X AD

Francia kingdom


Belgica (Gallia)

Halstatt culture

Spain regnas

Italy 1499 AD


Italy regnum

Latin reigns

Lombardy-Veneto kingdom

Ravenna exarchate

regios Italiae I AD

regnas britannorum

regnas romanorum

Reich electorates

Reich feuds

Roman Empire


Sacer Romanum Empire 1346 AD

Sacer Romanum Empire XVI AD

Sacer Romanum Empire states

Sacer Romanum Empire feudum

Saint Patrick

Sicily kingdom

Spain reigns

Step EU integration

Utrecht Peace

Verdun Treaty

western Schism

Westfalia Treaty

Wien Peace

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