The following list of SHEET has been compiled by Roberto Amati in relation to the real history of european integration.

Each Sheet is accompanied by information useful to the comprehension of the singol issue, completed of historical MAPS AND IMAGES and the direct linking to the related Blog contents dedicated to the entire history of european integration and the future of Europe.

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z numbers
Aquileia Arles Astorga Athens Athens unv. Augsburg Avalon
Bari Benevento Bologna Bologna unv. Britons Bulgars Byzantine Empire
Carolingian Empire Celts Christian Empire Clermont Cologne Cologne unv. Compostela
Costantine I Emperor Constantinople Constantinople unv. Corinth Cumae Cyprus
Elizabeth I
Florence Fenni
Germans Greeks
Iberians Illyrians Israelites Italics
King Arthur
Leòn London Lyon Lyon unv.
Magyars Mainz Metz Milan Milan unv.
Nantes Nantes unv. Naples Naples unv. Narbonne Nicean Council 325AD
Palermo Paris Paris unv. Pavia Pavia unv. Persian Empire Philippi
Ravenna Reims Reims unv. Rhodes Rome Rome unv. Romans
Rouen Russians
Siena Siena unv. Slavs Speyer Syracuse
Thessaloniki Toulouse Toulouse unv. Tours Trier Trier unv.
Verona Vienne
Zaragoza Zaragoza unv. 25th December

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